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GOT E-Waste??!!

Keep El Paso Beautiful, Inc. (KEPB) helps your home, office or business get rid of your electronic waste. Across the El Paso Community businesses are teaming up with KEPB to help you get rid of your electronic waste. We're talkin' PCs, monitors, old fax machines, stereos, cell phones, kitchen appliances, burned out drills and electric saws, almost anything that at one time was plugged into an electrical wall outlet. Sorry no tube TVs or monitors, but we'll take your old plasma & LCD TVs.

Here's what you do: Call KEPB at 915.566.KEPB (5372) or send us an email and we'll have our recycling partner EcoRecikla coordinate with you to place a Gaylord container at your business. Then have your coworkers and employees bring in their e-waste while the business goes thru storage areas & the warehouse to find electrical stuff you no longer use. When the container is full give us a call and we'll pick it up. We'll provide another Gaylord in case you'd like to keep the ball rolling.


Thanks for Visiting!!

Keep El Paso Beautiful, Inc. (KEPB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1982 as the El Paso Clean Community System. In 1987, the name was changed to Keep El Paso Beautiful, Inc. KEPB is the local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Annually, KEPB is recognized as a Keep Texas Beautiful Proud Community.


Our Mission is "To empower individuals to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment."


To address issues that relate to those physical and visual aspects of the community environment that individuals can personally and directly impact through their actions.


  • Acceptance of individuals responsibility is essential for the enhancement of community environments;
  • Education is the foundation for responsible individual action toward the environment;
  • The most effective community partnerships include representation from the public (government), private (business), and civic sectors.

    Keep El Paso Beautiful is widely recognized at the international, national, state, and local levels for its innovative and educational programs. The organization has received several Governor Community Achievement Awards bringing in over $1,000,000 of beautification funds and Sustained Awards of Excellence for our community achievements.

    KEPB won the Texas Environmental Award of Excellence for the KEPB Community Tool Shed Program (CTS). The CTS program is 33 lending libraries of clean-up and beautification supplies located at fire stations throughout the City of El Paso.

    Most recently, KEPB is in the planning process of investing $265,000 into the beautification of the on and off ramps of Airway on I-10. Keep El Paso Beautiful is committed to serve as an educational, advisory and coordinating organization through which business and industry, public and private organizations, government and individuals work together to develop and implement programs and activities which emphasize quality of life initiatives through prevention of litter, proper solid waste management and beautification.

    The business affairs and property of the organization are entrusted to and governed by a volunteer board of directors consisting of representatives from business, education, government, and non-profit organizations.

    If you have any questions, comments, or wish to recommend any new ideas and initiatives that KEPB can undertake, please send us a note.





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